Why Such Negative, Negative, Negative Behavior?!

Abusers typically engage in diverse types of negative behavior that ranges from verbal to physical. Most Abusers are prone to lying, cheating, breaking laws, ignoring social norms, stealing, trespassing, stalking, abusing drugs and alcohol, destroying others property, and recklessness, as well as, not paying their child support […]

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The stress, excitement, and expense of a holiday can create the potential environment for domestic violence to occur in a home. But, on a holiday, that adds alcohol and explodes to the mix, the possibility for domestic violence increases significantly. Abusers love explosive fireworks both in their […]

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When Leaving Your Abuser…Know Your Value!

Know that you are valuable. You are a child of the Most High God, making you very valuable. An Abuser with the spirit of Satan cannot stand you being and presenting yourself as worthy of greatness, so the Abuser will seek to knock you down. The Abuser […]

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Dealing with an Abuser?

The Lord gave me a word to share. Satan is the master of deception and lies. Satan is an Abuser. Abusers have the spirit of Satan. Abusers want to control and manipulate their target. Example: Abuser/controller thinks of you as their property, thus, they get to manipulate […]

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Are you in a relationship and you keep thinking you might be going crazy?

NO!! You are not crazy. When ever you are with an abuser, the abuser wants you, your family, and friends to think you are crazy, so you will have no one and be isolated. It is a tactical move. The crazy one is the abuser…that you need […]

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Divorcing A Narcissist

Narcissists typically tell you that divorce attorneys are not needed. They’ll say attorneys are worthless, expensive, and sharks. Then they will butter you up and try to get you to agree to a settlement that they have crafted. They (or their secret attorney) will draft up an […]

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The Narcissist Financial Dating Game

Prince charming (narcissist) will come swooping in to save you from your financial trouble when you first start dating. He will help you get out of trouble and tell you how much he cares for you. He might even propose to you right off the bat. But […]

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